In What Ways Does Composite Decking Outperform Wood Decking?

Posted on: 14 July 2023

Wood has long been a popular deck material, and for good reasons. Wood is relatively durable, easy to cut and shape, and makes a solid walking surface. But recently, another material has really taken the deck world by storm: composite. Composite decking is not for everyone, but it does outperform wood in a few key ways, which include the following.

Composite does not require staining or sealing.

Wood decks need to be sealed so they do not absorb water and begin rotting. Many people also stain them to improve their appearance. This can be a lot of work, especially if you do it all yourself instead of hiring contractors. With composite decking, there is no need for this maintenance. Whatever color composite you choose, the color will be integrated into the boards, so you never have to apply stain. Since composite has a plastic-y texture and repels water, you never have to seal it, either. You can simply have the deck installed and never touch the materials again.

Composite decking does not attract wood-chewing insects.

There are several different kinds of insects that tend to eat wood and are especially attracted to wood that is kept outdoors, such as decking. Termites, carpenter ants, and wood bees are the key culprits. A composite deck, on the other hand, will not attract wood-chewing insects. Many composites do contain shreds of wood or some wood pulp. However, since this wood is thoroughly coated in concrete and plastics, it is not accessible to the insects and they won't be tempted to chew it. This makes composite decking an especially good choice in areas where insects are an issue.

Composite decking does not grow algae.

Have you ever seen a wood deck covered in algae? This happens a lot, especially when decking is in the shade. The algae gets slippery when it is damp, and someone could easily fall when walking across an algae-covered deck. With composite, you are much less likely to get algae growth. It simply does not "root" well in the plastic-like material. This helps reduce the risk of injuries and makes composite decking a wise choice in shaded yards.

Composite decking is becoming popular for the reasons above. While wood decking an be a good choice, composite really does out-perform wood when it comes to algae, insect attraction, and maintenance needs. Talk to a company such as Clover Creek Home Designs to learn more.