4 Ways Ready-Mix Concrete Reduces Construction Project Costs

Posted on: 30 March 2023

While you might think that mixing your own concrete on-site will be cheaper than buying ready-mix concrete, this isn't necessarily true. Buying ready-mix products gives you some cost savings. What are they?

1. Reduced Equipment and Material Costs

If you mix concrete on your site, then you have to buy or hire mixing and pouring equipment. You have to buy all the materials you need to make the concrete.

Your costs can mount up here, especially if you need to put additives into the concrete to increase its strength or to give it special characteristics. You might have to pay high prices for materials if you aren't buying in bulk.

If you use ready-mix concrete, then you don't have to spend money on machines and equipment. The concrete comes ready to pour.

Plus, concrete suppliers order a lot of materials. They buy in bulk and get large-order discounts. If their material costs are lower, then your costs will be lower.

2. Fewer Wastage Costs

You won't always find it easy to gauge how much concrete you need to make for a build. You might have some wastage costs if you don't get this right.

For example, you might make too much concrete for your needs. Weather conditions and mixing mistakes can write off a batch of concrete so that you have to start over. The more concrete you make and waste, the higher your costs will be.

Ready-mix concrete suppliers make concrete to your exact specification. You pay for the concrete you use. You shouldn't have any wastage costs.

3. Reduced Labor Costs 

If you mix your own concrete, then you might need to hire more workers for this part of your build. If your main crew has other work to do, then you will need people to prepare, mix, and pour the concrete.

If you order ready-mix concrete, then you need fewer people on the job. You simply need people to monitor pours. Your labor costs will be lower.

4. Faster Project Completion Times

Mixing and pouring concrete on your site takes time. You might have to stop work until your concrete is ready to pour. This could extend your project completion time. If you have late penalty clauses built into your contract, then you could lose money.

If you buy a ready-mixed product, then you don't lose any time. You simply schedule an order for the time you need to pour the concrete.

If you can achieve a seamless workflow here, then you complete projects faster. You won't pay late penalty fees. Plus, the faster you work, the sooner you can move on to your next project. The more projects you work on, the more money your company will make.

For more information, talk to ready-mix concrete suppliers at a service such as P & L Concrete Products Inc.