The Various Roles Played By Custom Home Builders

Posted on: 24 August 2022

Building a custom home is very rewarding, but the process comes with many important decisions. One of the first, which is very important, is the custom home builder you choose to hire.

Custom home builders play many different roles by the time your home is finished being built. They are not only general contractors, but also project managers and skilled advisors when you need to make important decisions about your future home.

If you are unsure about the roles a home builder will play during the building of your custom home, here is more information:

Role: Project Manager

The building contractor you hire will oversee the entire process of building your home. 

For example, if you have not yet purchased land, then your building contractor can advise you on the buildability of parcels you like. If you don't have building plans yet from an architect, then they can refer you to one they've worked with in the past. 

Once the home building process gets underway, your building contractor will ensure all the necessary building materials arrive on site and manage all of the subcontractors installing them.

For example, if the plumbing contractor or electrician doesn't show up when they are supposed to, then the building contractor will deal with it and you won't have to. This will save you a lot of time and frustration.

Role: Bookkeeper

A vital role your builder will play is keeping your home building project on time and on budget. 

While technically not bookkeepers or accountants, general contractors are skilled at keeping track of all the various costs incurred during the building process and working to keep the project on budget.

In addition to staying on top of building and materials costs, your contractor may also work with your mortgage company or bank to process liens and collect payments.

Role: Building Inspector Liaison

To get a standard mortgage on your new home or move into it, you will need to first obtain a certificate of occupancy from the local building department. 

To get an occupancy certificate your new custom home will need to pass a series of inspections. Your building contractor will be present for each of these inspections and work as your liaison to ensure your home passes.

Role: New Homeowner Educator

Finally, during the final walkthru of your new custom home, your home builder will take the time to educate you on how to operate each item in the home. They will speak to you about future maintenance needs and provide you with a packet or binder containing all of the appliance and building material warranties for your home.