Things to Know About Water Well Pumps

Posted on: 25 April 2022

There are several important components to your well system, but the pump is essential. Without a properly working pump, no water will come out of the ground and fill the storage tank. Fortunately, water well pumps are usually very durable, so yours may run for many years and not break down. Here are things to know about water well pumps.

The Pump and Well Should Be Inspected Regularly

Check your local laws concerning private wells to see how often a water test and inspection are needed. You'll want the checks done on schedule to make sure your pump is operating properly.

Sometimes, the only indication of a malfunction is a high electric bill. A scheduled inspection will discover the malfunction so repairs can be done to lower your bill. Also, a water test will determine if the well and pump are contaminated and need to be sanitized.

Your Pump Should Be Sanitized When Needed

If you have a deep well, you probably have a submersible pump. These pumps are placed at the bottom of the well under the water. These water well pumps are designed so all of the parts, including the motor, are enclosed to keep them dry.

If a water test reveals the well is contaminated, then a well contractor may need to sanitize the well by pouring a sanitizing solution into the well casing. This won't harm your pump since the motor is enclosed. If necessary, the contractor can pull the pump out of the well to clean it.

Water well pumps can be contaminated by a flood, snow and rain run-off, a leaky septic system, or any other event that allows contaminated water to get in the well or groundwater.

The Pump Should Be Checked When Faucets Spurt

Some problems with water well pumps are minor and just need minor adjustments. It's good to watch for signs of problems with the pump so repairs can be done early before the pump sustains damage. Besides a water bill that's suddenly high, a malfunctioning pump can cause your faucets to spurt due to air mixed in the line. Low water pressure could also indicate your well pump needs to be checked by a contractor.

Remember, your well system has a storage tank as well as a number of electrical components. If your pump seems to be malfunctioning, the problem could be in parts besides the pump itself. However, anything that puts strain on the pump should be repaired promptly. When your well seems to be malfunctioning, call a well contractor for help so you don't have to worry about pump damage or drinking contaminated water.

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