A Guide To Buying The Best New Kitchen Cabinets

Posted on: 8 November 2021

Making additions to your kitchen will make you love your home and make it more valuable. Kitchen cabinets can really put your home over the top when you're ready to make changes. With signature brands, quality materials, and skilled craftsmen available, there's no reason that you can't turn your kitchen into an upgraded slice of wonder that you'll enjoy for the next several years. Keep reading to learn more about purchasing and installing new cabinets for your kitchen. 

What are the advantages of brand new cabinets?

First, replacing your cabinets gives you a new set that is durable and long-lasting. This installation increases your kitchen storage and functionality, which is essential since the kitchen gets more use than most areas of the home. These cabinets allow you to get more from your square footage while improving the actual value of your home. Having a professional install cabinets for you is an eco-friendly way to go about it since they'll use all the materials they need and can build custom cabinets to the exact dimensions and style that you prefer. 

What are you hoping to accomplish with a new set of cabinets and what type would you like?

Consider the finished results and effect you'd like to create with your kitchen cabinets. Determine whether you're going for modern touches or more old-fashioned architecture. Always have equity in mind when you're planning out your kitchen cabinet upgrade. Minor kitchen remodels bring back an 83% return on investment (ROI), on average. Figure out exactly how much vertical and horizontal space you need so that you're able to accomplish your storage goals while maximizing the existing space in your kitchen. 

Have you found the help of a company that can install your cabinets?

Speaking to a kitchen cabinet professional will help you plan out which types of materials are the most suitable for your project. Examples of quality kitchen cabinets that you can purchase include maple, oak, and cherry wood. These cabinets provide different qualities to your kitchen — maple allows a beautiful and modern touch, while oak is incredibly durable and adds plenty of value.

Speak to a handful of kitchen cabinet professionals to get an accurate estimate of how much the service and materials will cost. Homeowners will usually pay $5,000-$6,000, on average, for a new set of cabinets. 

Use the points above so that you're able to get the best available kitchen cabinets. Talk to a company like Custom Cabinetry Direct to learn more.