Why Use Concrete Lifting On Uneven Driveways?

Posted on: 18 September 2020

If your driveway was originally installed in slabs, then one or more of these sections might move out of place over time. They may settle to a lower level than the rest of the driveway.

This may be down to something as simple as habitually parking a heavy vehicle on that slab. Or, you may have some normal ground changes going on. In either case, your driveway is no longer as useful as it was. Parts of it may even be a trip hazard, and it won't look good.

You may think that your only option is to rip up the driveway and replace it; however, this isn't necessarily the case. You may be able to restore a sunken area by using concrete lifting.

This process works by injecting special materials through and under the sunken area to raise it back up again. Why should you consider this fix?

You Don't Want to Replace Your Driveway

The fact that a slab on your driveway has sunk down lower than its neighbors doesn't mean that the whole driveway has to go. Chances are, the rest of the surface is sound and doesn't need replacing. You just need to find a way to fix this one area.

Concrete lifting helps in this scenario. Your contractor will drill holes in the dropped area, inject the filler and reposition the concrete. Once they are done, the slab should be at the same level as the rest of your driveway again.

You Want a Quick and Easy Fix

Digging up a driveway and laying down a new one takes time. It is also a messy process.

Even simply pulling up one sunken slab so that you can put it back down at the right height takes time. You have to get the slab out, build up the ground, and then relay the concrete. You may have a wait before you can use your driveway again as the concrete will have to dry and set.

Concrete lifting is a much quicker and simpler process. It is also a mess-free operation that could take just a couple of hours.

Your contractor doesn't have to remove any part of your driveway. They just drill a few holes in the surface so that they can work from below. Once they pump in the filler foam, the concrete rises automatically.

Keep in mind that this is also a cost-effective way of solving sunken slab problems. It involves minimal labor, equipment, and time costs.

For more advice on how to fix your driveway this way, contact local residential concrete lifting services and ask them to take a look at your problem.