5 Signs Your Outdoor Tennis Court Needs To Be Resurfaced

Posted on: 8 September 2020

If you want to get the most pleasure and enjoyment out of your outdoor tennis court, you need it to have a smooth and reliable surface. If the surface is not in good condition, you will not get the same quality of play out of the court, and your safety could be compromised. It is important to know the signs that your tennis court needs a resurfacing job.

Sign #1: Color Has Faded

With an outdoor courtyard, color fading is going to happen over time, as exposure to direct sunlight tends to fade surfaces. If you notice that the color is significantly different than it was when it was installed, it is time to resurface your court.

Color fading is not just a visual issue; it is also a sign your court is starting to break down. Resurfacing will restore the color and prevent further break down of the surface.

Sign #2: Bubbles on the Surface

The surface of the court should be smooth. Over time, bubbles can appear on the surface. These air bubbles mean that the primary surface is starting to degrade. A professional company will smooth out the bubbles and apply a new layer of material to your tennis area.

Sign #3: Pooling Water

Water should not pool on the surface. If water didn't use to pool on your court, and it has started to pool, that is generally a sign that parts of your court may be sinking or shifting shape, preventing water from going where it should.

When you have it resurfaced, they will fix the physical structure so that water once again heads towards the drainage system and doesn't just sit on the surface of the court, causing additional damage.

Sign #4: Appearance of Mold and Mildew

When you are playing tennis, you don't want to be exposing yourself to mold and mildew. If there are mold and mildew growing on your court, a pressure washer may be able to get rid of it. However, you should plan on resurfacing the court so that moisture doesn't build-up and create the conditions for mold and mildew to thrive.

Sign #5: Cracks Over the Surface

One of the most obvious signs that your court needs to be repaired is the appearance of cracks on the surface. Once cracks appear, they are not going to disappear on their own. The cracks will get larger with time, so it is best to fix your court when the cracks are small and have not had much chance to create serious damage.

If your tennis court is showing the five signs above, it is time to reach out to an outdoor court resurfacing business to get your court fixed up. In addition to resurfacing your court, they can also take steps to reduce further damage and wear to your court. For example, they can increase the strength of the base of the courts and install an efficient drainage system, so water doesn't damage your court. Be sure to talk to the resurfacing company you hire about these additional services.

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