Vinyl Siding Installation Guide To Get More From Your Investment In New Finishes

Posted on: 1 September 2020

When you are investing in new finishes for the exterior of your home, options like vinyl siding can be durable solutions. Vinyl siding gives you a lot of options for the installation, styles, and improvements when you add a new finish to your home. The following vinyl siding installation guide can help you get the most out of your investment in a new finish for your home.

Different modern vinyl siding styles to choose from—The siding you have installed for a new exterior finish comes in different styles and colors. Some of the modern vinyl siding styles that are available include:

  • Artisan-style siding
  • Lap-siding
  • Wood shake siding styles
  • Board-and-batten vinyl siding

These are some of the vinyl siding styles that are available to consider for the exterior finishes for your home. These different styles of vinyl siding can also be combined to give your home a unique, custom exterior finish.

Insulation and thermal improvements for vinyl siding—The thermal barrier of your vinyl siding is another aspect that you want to consider. This could be new foam insulated sheathing used to back the vinyl siding. It can also be foam-backed siding with the insulating materials integrated into the vinyl siding product. When installing the vinyl siding, you will also want to make sure any cracks and potential air leaks are sealed with spray foam and calking.

Reinforcing and backing vinyl siding for a durable finish—The backing of your vinyl siding is important. If you are using foam insulating board, make sure it is rigid, or back it with plywood. Alternatively, you can also use foam-backed vinyl siding, which is more durable and resistant to damage. You also have other options to back the vinyl siding, such as using house wrap for moisture protection or using slats and plywood to correct imperfections in walls.

Cornice, molding, and extra details to add to your vinyl siding—There are also details that can be added to your vinyl siding by using trim and moldings. The details that are added to the siding with trim can include wider corner boards for added details, friezes with molding and trim around windows, or detailed moldings for the cornice at the eaves and porches.

These things will help you get more from your investment in new finishes for your home exterior. Contact a vinyl siding installation service near you to discuss some of these options to get the most from your investment in a new exterior finish.