Augment These Rooms With Sage Paint

Posted on: 15 February 2023

When you plan to hire an interior painting contractor to complete a project in your home, you can either choose the paint that you want first or discuss a few color options with them. Many painters are able to take a look at a room and suggest what color could work well. Regardless of how you reach a decision, it's possible that you might like the color of sage paint. This gentle green, which also features gray and brown color notes, is very popular and easy to spot when you browse some paint swatches at a local paint store. Here are some rooms in your home that can benefit from sage paint.


When you invite guests into your home, particularly when they're visiting for the first time, it's important to make a good impression as soon as they step through the front door. The right vibe in your foyer will play a big role in how your guests feel about your home. Sage is a color that offers many benefits in this area. It's gentle, so it won't visually overwhelm anyone, and it also has a cozy look that people will appreciate. Sage walls and white trim, perhaps with a white bench and small table, can create a stunning look in this important space.


There are many different color schemes that can work well in your kitchen, but don't overlook sage when you're evaluating your options. Sage tends to be fairly light in color, and light hues work well in kitchens because there's a lot going on visually. If you choose a dark wall color, the space can feel busier than you want it to be. The cozy feel that sage offers is also ideal in this space, as it's an area where many families and their guests gather.

Guest Bedroom

If your home has a guest bedroom and you have overnight guests on multiple occasions throughout the year, it's important to choose the right color for the walls. The earthy look of sage can be an asset in a guest bedroom, it can help your guests to relax. Some people can be anxious when they travel. For example, if a friend has flown to visit you, they might feel tired and stressed about navigating the airport and getting a rental car. When they settle into their room in your home, the gentle, comforting look of sage may have a calming effect. Speak to your painting contractor about using sage in one or more of these spaces.

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