There Are Many Kinds Of Renewable Energy

Posted on: 11 May 2022

Renewable energy is on the minds of more and more people. As the world changes, the goal is to cut carbon emissions and try to get off the dependence on fossil fuels. There are a number of kinds of renewable energy sources. Some kinds you can use at your house on a small scale, others work better on a larger scale. While most people are familiar with wind and solar power, which can be used on both a small scale for a home and a larger scale to power a city, there are other sources as well. 

Tidal Energy

This renewable energy source is usually found off the coasts. The way that this energy source works is that there are a series of floats that are placed offshore. As the tide goes in and out, it activates turbines that stick down into the ocean. The turbines spin around and generate electricity. The electricity that is generated runs through cables that are attached to the floats and then to a central power station that can either supplement the power company's supply or provide power to an area on its own. The tides run twice a day on a predictable schedule, so it is always going to be able to provide power. This might not be a feasible solution for all coastal areas, depending on the power of their tides and shipping lanes. 

Geothermal Energy

There are places on the Earth where geothermal energy is quite abundant and a good solution for renewable energy. Geothermal energy uses the heat that is found down in the earth itself. The heat generates steam, which can be used to heat houses or to generate electricity. This isn't a solution that will work for every place since it isn't as accessible or available in some places due to the varying geologies all over the place. Places that have a lot of hot springs, like Iceland or Japan, tend to be good places to use geothermal energy because the sources are much closer to the surface and more abundant. 

No one renewable energy source is going to be able to replace fossil fuels. It is going to take a combination of several different kinds of renewable energy since not all places will have the same kind of accessibility to various sources. For example, a state with an ample oceanic coastline might use tidal energy, along with hydroelectricity, and solar power to generate enough power for its residents. Look into renewable energy solutions for more information.