The Purpose Of Work Zone Equipment: When And Why It Is Used On Highways

Posted on: 27 August 2020

When road work occurs on highways that thousands of cars will pass through each day, contractors must take certain safety precautions. Motorists on highways will often operate their vehicles at a much faster rate of speed but should work on decreasing speed when seeing work zone equipment, including signs that will warn them that they are approaching a work area. The work must get done, and it will often occur during the day and at night, so having the right equipment to use to keep contractors and drivers safe is crucial.

The Reasons Work Zone Equipment Benefits Contractors

The contractors hired to handle the work on the highway are taking risks by being out on the road where cars are moving at a swift rate of speed. For that very reason, they will often block off a section of the road to have more space to work. Certain types of work zone equipment will get placed in different lanes to block cars from driving through and getting too close to the contractors as they attempt to do their jobs. Some of the equipment that contractors might use before they start working include the following:

  • "Lane Closed" signs
  • Reflective cones
  • Cones with bars
  • Detour signs
  • Digital lane closure signs
  • LED arrow signs

Drivers will often start to see work zone equipment before they approach the area where the work is taking place. The reason they will see the equipment a bit earlier is to warn them to begin slowing down. As they start slowing down, the drivers might need to switch lanes, especially if specific lane closes ahead due to the ongoing work. Of course, this can lead to more traffic on the highway. There are times when vehicles may come to a complete stop because traffic is tied up, but that is out of the control of the contractors who are simply trying to do their jobs.

The Reasons Work Zone Equipment Benefits Drivers

While the work zone equipment benefits contractors because it keeps drivers from coming in their direction as they work on the road, it can help drivers, too. Motorists must remain aware of their surroundings. When they see multiple warning signs before reaching a work zone area, they know that slowing down is a must because they want to avoid getting into an accident with another vehicle or one of the contractors. The work zone equipment can also help improve the flow of traffic as cars need to start merging into different lanes. If they see the bright LED arrow signs from a distance, they can begin switching into a separate lane in advance instead of doing it at the last minute.

When Will Contractors Use Work Zone Equipment?

The contractors will use work zone equipment whenever they need to complete a project on the road. It does not truly matter if the project is set to last for a day, several days, or even several weeks. Regardless of the overall length of the project, the contractors will put the equipment out in the right spots to provide a fair warning of the work they are doing. It is most common for contractors to use this equipment when they are completing highway maintenance, widening the highway due to constant congestion, or even installing barriers to provide more protection to motorists.

Contractors use work zone equipment for their safety and for the protection of motorists who are driving on the highways while renovations occur. The equipment creates a safer environment for everyone who is on the road, including those who are in their vehicles and those who are completing the highway construction work. When work needs to get done, work zone equipment is a necessity.