Top Benefits Of Having A Stationary Dock Constructed On Your Lakefront Property

Posted on: 19 August 2020

If you own a lakefront property or are planning on buying one, you are sure to want to have a private dock constructed. When you have a private dock, you will have a place to keep your boat and watercraft as well as easy access to get out on the water. Some people opt to have large docks constructed and then make an outdoor sitting area that has great views of the lake. You will have to make an important decision when getting a dock: choosing a stationary dock or a floating dock. Many people who own lakefront property prefer stationary docks. Some of the top benefits of having a stationary dock constructed include the following:


Having a stationary dock constructed may cost more than purchasing a floating dock, but one of the benefits of a stationary dock is the fact that they are very durable and long-lasting. If you use high-quality materials when your stationary dock is constructed, you can count on it lasting for many years. Contractors who build stationary docks take great care in carefully designing the dock and ensuring that it will be as strong as possible. You can count on a well-constructed stationary dock being able to withstand the elements and any storms that may hit the area.


A big advantage that a stationary dock has over a floating dock is much better stability. As the name suggests, a floating dock simply floats on the surface of the water, so it can become unstable during high winds or when boats and watercraft pass by the area. This can make it much harder to get in and out of your boat, and it is more difficult to fish off of a floating dock. On the other hand, a stationary dock provides complete stability at all times, no matter what the weather is or how many boats are in the vicinity.


Many people prefer how a stationary dock looks compared to a floating dock. If your lakefront property is located in a community with an HOA, you may be required to opt for a stationary dock because they tend to be more aesthetically pleasing. When it comes to stationary docks, there are a variety of design choices. You can opt to make your dock as big or small as you want, and it is sure to enhance the outdoor look of your property and add value. 

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