Are Foundation Repairs in a Potential Home a Deal Breaker?

Posted on: 5 August 2020

If you are a potential homeowner with your eye on a specific property, the in-depth home inspection can sometimes be nerve-wracking. In a perfect world, an inspection would yield a report that there is absolutely nothing wrong with your home; everything is up to code and in tip-top condition. However, in reality, most homes have a few things that need some work. Some homes need a lot of work. For those that need quite a bit of attention, you may be wondering if they are worth buying, or if you should move on to homes with fewer problems.

One such challenge is foundation repairs. Imagine that you are in love with a little home, but then find out that it needs some foundation repairs. Would you run for the hills or factor the repair into the purchase price?   

While it may sound extremely intimidating, a home in need of a foundation repair may still be a good choice to purchase. There are two main ways that foundation repairs are undertaken. Keep reading to learn more.  


Slabjacking is typically done for smaller foundation fixes. Small repairs include a sinking part of your driveway, walkway, or swimming pool. Slabjacking is a procedure where small holes are drilled into the sinking piece of cement, and then new cement is pumped underneath it through the holes. The new cement can help to raise the original cement back into place, making the foundation for the individual piece stronger. If you have small issues, this is a great fix. 

Hydraulic Piers

Hydraulic piers are used for more intense foundation repairs. Mechanical jacks are brought in to lift the area that has been sinking or shifting, and then new piers and footings are installed to provide a new and lasting foundation. This process must be done with finesse since lifting an area too quickly can result in major challenges. The use of hydraulic piers can be quite pricey due to the equipment used. 

In conclusion, if the home of your dreams needs a foundation repair, you should take the time to figure out how much it will cost to fix. Foundation repairs don't need to be an instant deal-breaker. Talk to a foundation repair company near you for more information on whether or not you should purchase a specific home. Knowing the details of the fix and seeing an estimate of repair may help you to make a more educated decision. 

To learn more, contact a foundation repair company.