How A Simple Decorative Fence Can Solve 4 Trespassing Problems

Posted on: 30 June 2020

A business that has a problem with trespassers might find themselves turning to more technological and expensive solutions. But, in fact, something as simple as an ornamental fence can do a lot. Here are four problems it might solve. 

1. Vandalism. Vandalism is an expensive problem to battle, and it damages your reputation while you're struggling with it. But only the most determined vandals will go to the extra effort of climbing over a fence to place graffiti or break items just because they're bored or upset. If a fence can make your property a little less appealing than others, it deters potential vandals from choosing it. 

2. Pet Intrusion. Businesses in pedestrian areas often deal with dog walkers and other animal intruders. They might damage the landscape, leave feces, or create unwanted trails through your property. But a fence is an easy way to keep out neighborhood dog walkers. While someone might presumptuously walk onto a business's grassy knoll, they are much less likely to so do if it involves going over even a medium-size ornamental fence. Tall fences, of course, may be necessary if your problem is wildlife getting in on its own. 

3. Accidental Trespass. In busy areas, people may not always be able to tell they are trespassing. Neighboring properties without clear delineation can create confusion as to where properties end and where people are or aren't allowed. In this case, a knee-high decorative aluminum fence is an attractive barrier without being too obvious. Mark it as yours by choosing a style in harmony with your building's exterior decor.  

4. Customer Intrusion. Sometimes, the problem isn't unwanted trespassers but rather your own customers or employees. You certainly don't want to alienate them, but you may also need to protect the landscape or exterior decor from people taking shortcuts, wandering into unauthorized areas, or simply traipsing across the lawn. This is where a decorative style of fencing is valuable. Avoid tall fence styles so that people can be redirected where you want them without feeling like they're being herded. 

A fence is a simple and inexpensive way to add security to any property. But by opting for a decorative style and using only the height you really need, you can utilize a fence to solve targeted problems without making your property seem unfriendly. Learn more by consulting with a fencing supplier like Ornamental Design Ironworks Inc in your area.