3 Common Types Of Roof Damage To Watch For In Addition To Storm Damage

Posted on: 29 April 2020

Roof shingles can last a long time under perfect conditions. However, you never know when something unexpected will cause damage to the shingles or roof deck. It pays to check your roof regularly, even if you have to do it from the ground or the attic so you can catch roof damage early. Here are some common causes of roof damage to watch for in addition to monitoring for storm damage.

1. Tree Branches That Lift Shingles

Trees that grow too close to your roof are a hazard. The branches bend in the wind and can scrape across the shingles with every gust of wind. When a branch catches a shingle, the shingle can lift and allow wind-driven rain to blow under the roofing and get the deck wet.

A bushy branch that casts shade over the area can slow down the drying of your roof, and that speeds up rotting and problems that go along with rotting, such as insect invasions and mold.

Remember to keep your trees trimmed so they are far from your home. If a tree has been scraping your roof, have a roofer check for damage and make repairs to the shingles and roof deck if needed.

2. Poor Attic Ventilation That Causes Shingles To Curl

If you're checking your roof for damage and notice the shingles are curling up on the edges, that could be a sign your attic has poor ventilation. When there isn't enough air circulation in the attic, your roof gets too hot, and that can damage the shingles.

A roofer can check the problem and determine a way to improve attic circulation by installing vents in the soffit or ridge of your roof. Your roof might even need a turbine vent to pull more air through the attic. Once ventilation has improved, roof repairs that include replacing shingles damaged by excess heat may be necessary.

3. Holes And Shingle Damage Caused By Pests

Since your roof is outside and often near trees, animals, birds, and insects will eventually find their way to the top of your roof. While most animals may just use your roof as a bridge to the other side of your house, there are times when a rat, raccoon, or woodpecker might take an interest in your roof.

Animals can do a surprising amount of damage to your roof and the attic once they get inside. Squirrels, raccoons, and rats can gnaw through most building materials, including fascia boards and roof decking. Birds can peck or drill holes in your roof.

Watch for animals that hang out on your roof and scare them away. Check your attic for signs that pests have gained entry. If so, chase the pests from your attic and then have roof repairs done so animals and rain can't get through the deck and inside your home to cause destruction.

To learn more, contact a roofing repair company.